MVSH Farm Goatscaping

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5 Blackwater Hollow Rd, West Tisbury, MA 02575

MVSH Farm Goatscaping

We’re MVSH Farm (pronounced ‘mush’), a family-owned mushroom, egg, fiber, and goat farm in West Tisbury.

Goatscaping is an all-natural way to rid your property of unsightly brush, weeds, poison, ivy, and other undesirable plants. Goatscaping allows you to remove unwanted vegetation from your property before it dies off, collapses, and starts to rot, providing winter havens for rats, skunks, and other unwanted wild animals. Don’t run a rat hotel in your undergrowth, get rid of it with our cute and hungry goats! Besides individual yards and properties, parks, and other natural terrain, goatscaping is increasingly being used in cemeteries and historic sites, since it’s a lot easier for goats to maneuver and remove weeds around headstones and on uneven terrain than it is for people. Goatscaping is also particularly effective on rough and sloping terrain.

Our environmentally-friendly goats can clear about a quarter of an acre per week, without the use of any pesticides or gasoline-fueled machinery. We set up a goat shelter and solar-powered electric fence at your property, and the goats get to work.The fence both keeps the goats in and protects them from predators like stray dogs. All they need is fresh water daily, and a grain and mineral salt snack, the rest of their diet is your unwanted overgrowth. You can give the goats their daily water and snack yourselves or we can take care of that as well. The goats are playful and friendly and love people. We have several babies that tag along with their mamas, and watching them frolic is the highlight of many people’s goatscaping experience. When mealtime and playtime are over and the goats are done, you are left with fertilized land and grazed-down cover that will help keep out new poison ivy and other unwanted growth.

Please contact us to discuss your particular goatscaping needs and let us set up a custom package for you. Natural sustainable goatscaping reduces your carbon footprint while renewing your land, and it’s adorable to watch!

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